In recent years, the efforts of the golf society in Taiwan have paid off. Before 2007, no one would have thought that any golfer from Taiwan would b e on the list of world champions, let alone the possibilities of hosting the LPGA tournaments in Taiwan. News of Yani Tseng’s brilliant performance on the LPGA championships began to flow back to Taiwan, and in just a few years, she brought the country to the world stage of golf with her outstanding performance. Many people believed in her and anticipated that she would be the one taking home a LPGA championship trophy, as well as bringing home a world-class golf game. In 2011, the sponsorship of Chairman Hsu (Golf Association of R.O.C.), Former Vice President Vincent Siew, Chairman Chien, the Sports Affairs Council, and Taoyuan County Government worked together to bring the world a great golf game in Taiwan.

The 2011 Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship was a turning point in the development of golf in Taiwan, and we were writing history together.

The LPGA Tour, certified by the US Ladies Professional Golf Association, gathers over 1,700 outstanding women golf players from 29 countries in the world’s most competitive golf tournaments. The first LPGA Taiwan Championship was held in 2011. This is the second year in Taiwan and we are expecting to attract more talented world-class players to this four-day tournament.